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“Cellared in Canada Wines” and “Ontario and British Columbia VQA Wines” – and how they differ

“Cellared in Canada” wines have been produced in Ontario and BC for many years and contain a minimum of 30% domestic grape content. Ontario and BC VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) wines on the other hand are made only from 100% premium domestically grown grapes. In years where the grape crop harvest has a low yield, the minimum domestic content for "Cellared in Canada" wines is relaxed in order to allow more domestic grapes to be allocated for the production of VQA wines. This means “Cellared in Canada” wines must rely on imported grapes and juices. Winemakers rely on Portofino as an excellent source of imported grapes and juices for this purpose.

Portofino, by sourcing grapes and juices from around the world, allows talented wine makers to use these in their “Cellared in Canada” wines to create quality, popular blended wines at affordable prices. Wines labeled “Cellared in Canada” not only provide consumers with great quality and value; they also generate sales for wineries throughout Canada and the U.S. Both “Cellared in Canada and “VQA” contribute to the economy through the creation of jobs and industry investment.

United States wineries and U-Vins look North for quality winemaking juices and grapes from around the world
Many U.S. wineries and U-Vins find Portofino to be a convenient and reliable source of fresh grapes and juices that they can use to complement their varietal selections and offer their customers.

Food Products

Top North-American chefs can save time and money with Portofino's Balsamic Reduction
Used in food establishments worldwide, a balsamic reduction is a staple in any restaurant kitchen. Because reducing balsamic vinaigrette in-house can be a time-consuming task, chefs across North America have come to trust the Portofino name. The delicately-concentrated flavours of Portofino's reduction taste just like homemade but save time and costs less. It is the perfect enhancement to any dish.

With Portofino's selection of vinegars, olive oils and more, keeping a busy kitchen fully stocked with award-worthy foood products could not be easier.

Leading food processors know that taking great care when selecting ingredients is always rewarded in the quality of their finished product.
They know that paying attention to detail and selecting the best ingredients will result in consistently high quality products that their customers will appreciate and come to expect. That is why they choose Portofino ingredients, such as cooking (non-beverage) wines, vinegars and olive oils, as key "secret" ingredients in their cooking and production processes.