The Portofino Story

Our History

Founded in 1997 by Alejandro De Miguel and his wife Mabel, Portofino offers the winemaking expertise of international vintners combined with our passion for superior food and wine products.

Alejandro first applied his vision of excellence as a respected winemaker and oenologist in his native Argentina. His skills in grape sourcing and commitment to quality led Trapiche Winery, one of Argentina’s most celebrated wineries since 1883, to several major international awards and contributed to the success of the prestigious Magnotta Winery of Canada.

With the desire to bring the spirit of great wines and cuisine to consumers, Alejandro and Mabel, a respected oenologist in her own right, launched Portofino. Moving beyond distribution of the world’s finest grapes and juices to winemakers, Portofino has grown to offer the highest quality gourmet food products.

Portofino now spans over two generations of the De Miguel family. For 12 years, our dedication to first-rate products has made Portofino one of Canada's leading food and wine enterprises.

What We Do

Our philosophy is based in the tradition of superior winemaking – a wine can only be as good as its grape. Thinking outside the bottle, we extended that tradition to all of our food products, sourcing and importing only the best, most natural foods from Argentina, Chile, Italy and California. We guarantee essences that will satisfy the most discerning palate.

Our imported frozen grapes and fresh juices are offered year-round to wineries, U-Vins and winemakers across North America who are looking to enhance their cellars and offerings or enjoy award-worthy wine. Our master vintners are consistently on hand to assist and ensure a smooth and successful winemaking process.

Available for food distributors and processors, our selection of olive oils, cooking wines, balsamic vinegars and other gourmet food products are both imported and made in-house.